About the day’s flow and attentions

Updated on July 13, 2024

Flow of the day

[Registration (2nd floor)]
・Please arrive at the reception during the registration times notified by email in advance.

[Changing room]
・Women should use dressing rooms 3 and 4 (1st floor), and men should use the music studio (2nd floor).
・Once contestants have finished their performances, please change their clothes and leave the room immediately.
・Please be careful not to leave anything behind. Please take your trash home with you.

[Practice room]
・Please use rehearsal room 1 (2nd floor).
There will be no guidance staff, so please act at your own risk.
・You can only use the service during the times advised in advance.
There will be no timekeeper, so each contestant is requested to be punctual.
・Instruments other than the piano can be used in the shared practice room (rehearsal room 3).  There is no time limit for use.

・When you reach the number 1 or 2 in front of your number, please move to the wings of the stage.
There will be no guidance staff, so please act at your own risk.
Please note that the screening time will be accelerated if there are absentees.

・The results will be announced on the official website at the indicated time.
Youth/Professional:August 22. at 20:00
Junior Division:August 23. at 15:10
・Judging comments will be sent to each contestant via email at a later date.
・For the professional category only, the scores of each judge will be announced.

[Prize-Winner’s Concert]
・The prize-winner’s concert is scheduled to start at 16:00 on the 23rd.
・Performance times for each category are as follows.
Winners in the junior, youth, and professional categories are encouraged to perform the works they entered in the competition.

Category Performance time
General: 1st, 2nd place 1st place: 10 min., 2nd place: 5 min.
Primary: Gold Prize 5 min.
Junior: Gold Prize 7 min.
Youth: 1st place 10 min.
Professional: 1st place 15 min.

・Performers in the youth and professional categories will have a hall rehearsal on the 23rd at the following times (subject to change depending on the judging situation in the junior category).
12:45-13:00 1st place in professional category
13:00-13:10 1st place in youth category
・Performers from all categories can use rehearsal room 1.
13:55-14:10 gold prize winner in primary category
14:10-14:45 1st and 2nd place in general category
14:45-15:15 1st place in professional category
15:15-15:45 1st place in youth category
15:45〜16:15 gold prize winner in junior category

[Awards ceremony]
・The award ceremony is scheduled to start at 17:40 on the 23rd.
・After checking the results, those who won prizes (1st to 5th place, gold to bronze prizes, and encouragement prizes) should come to the hall by the start time.
・Awards will be given in the following order: Primary → General → Junior → Youth → Professional.
・You are free to take photos at the award ceremony. The competition side is planning a group photo with the juries (junior category).



・We cannot accept changes to the works under any circumstances.
・At the designated time for each category, the performance will be cut at the bell.
・If the accompaniment requires page turning, please arrange it yourself.
・Please inform the staff offstage before your turn if the accompaniment piano is half open or fully open.

・Each judge will score in increments of 1 point, with a maximum of 100 points. No upper or lower cuts will be made.

・Admission is free.
・Please note that preschool children other than contestants will not be allowed to enter the audience seats.
・For parking, please use the Plaza East parking lot or a nearby coin parking lot.
・Entering and exiting during the performance is prohibited.

[About photography/recording]
・All persons, including those involved, are prohibited.
Please note that if you record without permission, you may be disqualified.
・The competition will be recording the event. Please note.


About each instrument

・If you wish to use a footrest or auxiliary pedals, please prepare them yourself.
・The setting must be done by the contestant or an accompanying person.

・Tuning can be done before playing. Tuning time is not included in the performance time, but please be careful not to make it too long.

[Wind instruments]
・Please prepare water-absorbing sheets and set them up yourself for rehearsals and performances.
・Tuning is possible on stage during the performance.

・Contestants are responsible for transporting, unloading, and setting up their instruments.
・Delivery will be carried out through the delivery entrance at the time advised by the office in advance.
A “parking permit” is required when transporting by car. Please pick it up at the reception in advance.
・Music stands and chairs can be used to place items needed for performance.
There is no dedicated stand.
・Large percussion instruments will be placed on the stage during the intermission and replaced during the actual performance.
Please follow the staff’s instructions regarding the timing of bringing items into and out of the stage.
・Piano position cannot be changed.